May I Present

Hey readers-

So, I'm back in Canada, but I still have opinions. I also have stories. I want to keep writing and apparently others want to keep reading.

But, I cannot continue writing Italian Adventures when I'm not longer in Italy, so may I present my new blog: The Surrian Life.

Because what could be more fun than reading about Adventures in Surrey? I know everyone wonders what life in Surrey is like. I'm here to expose it.

Read it. Bookmark it. Love it.

Because I'm a people pleaser

I'm back in Vancouver. After a uneventful trip home, in which I had no seatmates on either of my flights and an awesome personal television on the 9 hour flight, I've returned to Surrey and ponder the rest of my life.

For those that care, I watched three movies on the plane. "Nick and Norah's infinite playlist," which was a cute movie. "Pineapple Express" was not good at all and I was peeved I missed out on sleep to watch that crap. Finally I saw "Wall-E" which was cute and a pretty good social commentary from the good people at Disney/Pixar.

As for my blogging future, I'm not sure where I'm going with it. I want to keep writing and both my mom and Kim have told me they want to keep reading something.

Stay tuned to this space for some kind of future announcement I guess.

"if you're not willing to be changed by a place, there's no point in going."

“And now, the end is near
And so I face, the final curtain
My friends, I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full
I’ve traveled each and every highway
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way”

And here it is, the end of my time here in Italy.

Everyone keeps asking if I’m sad to leave or if I’m happy to be going back to Vancouver. I think it’s both.

I am sad to be leaving behind earlier than scheduled and to leave behind my family and the friends I’ve made while here. There are other things I’ll miss as well, such as fresh bread, heated towel racks, bird polenta and the numerous cultural differences I find here on a daily basis.

At the same time I’m happy to return to Vancouver, I’ve missed my family, friends and the familiarity of the city- there’s something I never thought I’d say. I also feel like it’s time, because while I know I said I wanted to stay here a year, it’s becoming more and more apparent that moving to a country is a lot different – and harder – than visiting it.

I will be back though, I have so much more to see and do here that I wish I had more time and money to do it with. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and would not trade the time spent here for anything. I think, looking back at myself when I first came and now, that I’ve learned a lot about myself, where I’m going and what I want to be.

I think most of all I’m excited to be returning with a plan for the future, I was worried that when I left here I was going to return and would be lost and unsure of what I’m doing. But I think my time here has made a lot of things clear for me and maybe cemented some ideas in my head for the future.

So arrivederci Italy. I will miss your museums, architecture and fashion, I can’t say the same about your bureaucracy or dial-up internet.

When old ladies attack

February is soon upon us. And every February comes one of the biggest events in fashion… New York Fashion Week.

Celebrities, socialites, hanger on’s and models flock to NYC to get a glimpse of this years biggest trends.

It never fails at these fashion shows that some celebrity or magazine editor shows up in fur. It’s cold in New York and understandable I suppose.

We’ve all seen it in the past. Lindsey Lohan has been dosed in red paint, so have some of the models in the shows. Heck, even Anna Wintour herself, the real life devil in Prada, aka editor of Vogue and fashion’s biggest critic, has had paint thrown at her.

It’s all the doings of good ol’ PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), my dad’s favorite animal rights group (heavy on the sarcasm). They like to send out people to throw red paint to represent the blood shed in procuring such furs for the garments. Harsh, if you ask me.

(as an aside, I’m not a fan of PETA, while I do agree with treating animals ethically, I guess being a meat-eater myself I can’t really say that I agree with everything they do. Also, I think they’re slightly maniacal and unethical towards humans who quite honestly are participating in a somewhat diluted circle of life. Also, Pam Anderson is one of their most famous spokespeople, by subjugating humans to her preaching about their cause is clearly a cruel and unusual punishment to mankind and thus making me want to send PETH after here… if you’re wondering that would be a newly formed group by yours truly – or I assume it is – called Pets for the Ethical Treatment of Humans)

Anyways… I seem to go on a lot of tangents here… my point is PETA likes to target Fashion Week. Sure, it’s because it’s a big event with millions of people watching and it’s good publicity for the PETA cause. But, I know a place where PETA is missing out.


Seriously. This place is crawling – crawling – with fur coats. Every woman over the age of 60 is wrapped in some kind of animal carcass. I have no problem with this by the way, I kind of like to see these older ladies wandering around in their furs, dressed up to go to the markets in the morning. But part of me also thinks how awesome would it be to see a PETA member run up and throw paint on these women. Frankly I don’t think they would take it. They’d probably clobber them with their purses (and those are some big purses). These are some feisty ladies. And I’m sure their friends (because they travel in packs) would join in on the beating. Imagine, PETA members getting a beat down by older women… priceless.

After they’re done in Italy they could head to Berlin. They too enjoy their fur there, although much of it is of the hat variety.

Fun with language


I thought this word meant Canadian in Italian. And it most certainly does.

There is a second meaning to it thought.

Apparently canadese also means “small tent” in Italian.

Question to my fellow Canadians: are you insulted? I kinda am.

Why? Dammit… Why?

Why is it whenever I find a concert I really, really, really want to go to somehow it never happens.

To continue where I left off yesterday in my happiness about Fleetwood Mac:

I phoned my dad before 6am his time to share the news, apparently they were coming to Vancouver, he had known this and was planning on trying to buy tickets when they went on sale at 10am Monday. There was actually many people involved in this ticket buying scheme. I ruined the surprise I guess.

But… when I phoned later in the evening to find out if the tickets were bought, he said no. They apparently charge $199/ticket.

I love me some Mac, but no. $199 is too steep.

So here I am, sad and without Mac tickets. These guys are on my must see list, the concert I have to see before… well… they die, because that’s more likely than me dying first.

First Spice Girls, then NKOTB and now Mac.

But as with NKOTB (whom we’re all still praying returns to Van-city right?) I will not give up hope. I’ll search online for cheaper tickets and maybe find something cheaper through craigslist closer to the date… or I’ll resort to buying from scalpers.

For reals people, my love for Fleetwood Mac runs so much deeper than that of NKOTB.

If U2 tours this fall I swear to God, Allah, Buddha and all things holy that I will not let that one pass me by.

You can go your own way

I'm hyperventalating with happiness.

Happier than when I thought there was an off chance that I'd see NKOTB.

I knew there was some kind of destiny why I was heading back to Vancouver.


Only my favorite band ever. Playing in Edmonton, Calgary and Tacoma (what no Vancouver? sigh)

Guess whose about to get an excited 5am wake up call Mom and Dad? I don't care, I'm going even if it's alone.

Tickets are on sale in a few hours. Must move fast.